NRVTU July meeting minutes

NRVTU Meeting Minutes
Call to order
Zachery Smith
Tom Bannon
Bill Ross
Kevin Seavey
Danny Smith
Jeb Stewart
David Cunningham
Dick Gregory
Wesley Gwaltney
Elly Hoinowski
Scott Polhamus
Pete Jackson
John Hoinowski
John Copeland
 A meeting of the New River Valley Trout Unlimited was held at the Village of Newport Community Park on July 06, 2021. Attendees included:
Approval of Minutes
* Big Stoney:
Tom Gannon reported on the status of the Big Stoney improvements project.
Phase 1: Improving access and proving Bear Proof trash receptacles.
Phase 2: Reclassifying streams; perhaps delayed harvest.
John Copeland from DWR has joined the chapter and will be helping in the Big Stoney effort.  John is part of the TIA alliance geared towards getting people to the streams.  John encouraged public comment.  He also noted that his boss (Jeff ?) is also supportive.
* Film Tour:
The date has been set for August 28th at the B&B Theater in Blacksburg.  A subcommittee was selected to:
o Distribute posters
o Share information with other groups including: Roanoke TU, Virginia Tech Fishing club, WV TU, etc.
o Solicit for donations to the raffle
* Pete already has 2 rods
The subcommittee members are: Pete, Jeb, Bill Zack, and Lynn.
The cost per ticket will be $20.00 and will include one raffle ticket.
Raffle tickets at the event will be $5/each or an arm’s length for $20.

The goal is to sell at least 100 tickets.  Tickets for chapter members will be sold last.
* Steam Sampling:
Sampling is continuing.  MVP is getting ready to do their crossing at Big Stoney pending FERC communication/approval.  They will be drilling under Big Stoney which is karst soil. Pete expressed concern about the ability to support the pipe under the stream.

Chapter Business
Fly Tying nights will resume in the fall.
Meeting minutes will be posted to the web site moving forward.
Next meeting will be a cook-out.  Invite friends.
1. Zack to send poster material to Pete
2. Zack to share material from the promoter with Wes, Bill and Elly and the subcommittee  (Complete)
3. All to get the word out
Next Meeting:
August 5th at 6 PM at the Newport Community Center, 434 Blue Grass Trail, Newport, VA 24128.  This will be a cook-out.
The formal meeting was adjourned by Zack Smith and followed by comradery.
Elly Hoinowski